About the project

The project aims to encourage innovation in rural tourism through networking, knowledge transfer and cross-sectoral cooperation in the rural area of northwestern Croatia.

The specific objectives are:

  • Strengthen the capacities of LAGs to create local development strategies in the field of rural tourism and ensure the transfer of knowledge to the local population and existing economic entities.
  • Promote local destinations using offline and online tools for the purpose of innovative approach to rural tourism and network destinations in rural areas.
  • Strengthen cross-sectoral cooperation in the field of rural tourism through the exchange of experiences and examples of good practice.

The implementation of the project that contributes to the development of rural tourism directly affects the raising of living standards and economic activities of the local population and the local community, given that increasing the number of guests increases consumption, number of nights and use of services provided by local people.

The project is implemented in partnership by LAGs from Hrvatsko Zagorje, Prigorje and Međimurje in order to learn and disseminate good practices between Croatian regions in the field of rural tourism development.

The main activities for the implementation of the specific objectives of the project are:

  • Strengthening the capacity of LAGs and knowledge transfer in the field of rural tourism (implementation of workshops, recording of 6 educational videos, study visits)
  • Promotional activities and networking in the field of rural tourism (project website with interactive map, equipping locations, promotional products and video and photo material, innovative tourist product-playing cards)
  • Exchange of experience and good practices in the field of rural tourism (press conference, 5 LAG conferences, development of a brochure “Challenges of rural tourism”)

Project activities

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